Tuesday, 2 October 2012

It will be a big lie, if i say that i am inspired from nothing, of course i am inspired, not exactly from the lives around me, particularly relations. Yes that is it; i am inspired from relations, around me, around the globe.
It’s strange how relations happen, everything changed, then why not relations?. I have always asked, is it possible for me to have a brother?. I have a very convincing family, but it never meant that i don’t miss a brother’s love.
I should be so lucky to have sisters, right? All six of them?. I have watched them all my life and all of them are different from each other yet the same. I have always found something special from each of them. They meant a lot to me in my life, I don’t really care to explain what is special in them.
We always need a push in our life and i have always failed to realise what i had inside me, and then is when we need our loved ones the most. And i had them all along, not everybody gets that in their life. I am lucky enough to have a big family and caring friends.
Talking about relations, I don’t know where i should start, i have seen people in life, but only a part of them, I don’t think that 15 years is enough to see this entire world. I have seen good peoples and my parents never let me in sight of the bad ones for which I am always great full to them. I have watched different relations and felt most of them.
I am a friend, a sister and a daughter, and I am really satisfied with the peoples i share my life with. I have seen my sibling’s families, we all were a single family, but still all my sisters had their own family. They fight, they love, they cry and at last no matter what happen, they hold their hands and lean against their soul mates which is always a great thing for me to watch.
Like i have said before, i believe fights are a part of love, so when i see some people fight, i watch them till the end, because i always knew that there was lot of love coming at the end. Just think of a life without fights, horrible? Right?. Everyone should not think the same way as me, but this is what i feel.
Talking about sister and brother, i have this nephew and niece, i used to feel jealous when i see he care for her, that is really stupid of me as they are just children. But still it’s nice to watch and that always bought that missing of brother feeling. What if i too had a brother like that?. We cannot make relations, right? It happens in its way which is always strange and sweet.
Will you think about me as stupid if i say, i haven’t even met the person who i consider as my brother?. But i simply trust in our relation, could anybody accept a relation like that?, maybe i am the only person who can accept that. Maybe he never thought about me as a sister, but he was always a brother to me, strange!!
I cannot ask for more love as long as i have my parent’s love, it’s a natural phenomena, right? Parents love?. But that is much and much beyond that to me, I simply cannot ask for more love from anyone when i consider their love. I have made them sad, but i always try my best as a daughter and i know i could be a better daughter than what i am now.
Better not to talk about friends, i have a lot of them and almost all of them are dear enough to keep close. My best friend is kinda strange; even i doubt his friendship sometimes. But deep inside i know, he is the best i could ever get. I was always so committed to friendship and that has always bought me good, it made me a better person.
I have these strange relations in my life, a brother, a best friend, never know where it will take me, but i never felt bad about my relations, it all happens for good, my greater good. I am ready to face my life with all this people i have, i believe, i would never be alone, i will always have a hand to hold and a shoulder to cry on.
‘Tears rarely wells up in my eyes’, if one day i can say that out loud, i won in my life, i won in all these relations, i have all i ever asked for in my life. And all these people wants me to be happy forever with them. What all i ask for now is ‘ i want to have a life, only if it is with them’.

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